Thursday, October 05, 2006

Sick Cycle Mind

Sometimes the realization creeps up on me just like that. Like the time I was driving along Katipunan area one morning and I noticed a Korean dormitory, then two Koreans walking to school, then a Korean restaurant and suddenly I realized, oh my gosh I’m in the middle of a Koreanovella! Or that one evening while driving home, I passed by a particular intersection in Marikina City, an intersection I pass through every single day on my way home. But at that particular moment I suddenly realized how the intersection was so clean and well lit; to think that the intersection looked the same an evening before!

I tune things out while driving. Often it’s the landscape that I take for granted; I end up not noticing changes. Or I take note of them but a millisecond later I shove them to the back of my mind. But after a while they break free and suddenly I’m realizing clearly what I’ve noticed subconsciously before.

Last night as I was driving along EDSA on my way home I realized just how many motorcycles were on the road. It was actually irritating. I have nothing against motorcycles per se; in fact, although I don’t know how to ride a motorcycle I would like to be able to eventually. But a lot of them weave carelessly in and out of vehicles, and many of the cyclists don’t wear proper headgear. Then there are those who drive too slow but refuse to move to one side to let you pass.

I think motorcycles should be banned from major highways, or else make a separate lane just for motorcycles. Will Pinoys follow that rule?


For now, I’ll just endure those weaving, swerving motor-sigh-cles. Or maybe I should just drive them back to my subconscious so that they won’t bother me again.

Not into motorcycles. Why?

It's freaky, it only has two wheels but bicycle is much safer to use (not on highways of course)

I've seen so many freak motorcycle accidents: on the net thru pictures, sa Balintawak, sa Riverbanks.

Ateh, di talaga siya safe.

Sa kakulitan nila sa kalye, they're like jeepneys, only smaller.
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