Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Season Ender

I know that it’s time for another season to end when events in my life tell me, “Move on.” So now I’m moving on.

The McVie Show, Season 5

The new season only available on BloggerBeta.
Log on to http://mcvie5.blogspot.com

And for my closing number, here’s one from Madonna:

Take a bow, the night is over,
This masquerade is getting older.
Lights are low, the curtains down,
There’s no one here
[There’s no one here, there’s no one in the crowd.]
Say your lines but do you feel them?
Do you mean what you say when there’s no one around?
Watching you, watching me… one lonely star.
[One lonely star, you don’t know who you are.]

I’ve always been in love with you—
I guess you’ve always known it’s true.
You took my love for granted, why oh why?
The show is over, say good-bye.

Make them laugh, it comes so easy,
When you get to the part
Where you’re breaking my heart.
Hide behind your smile, all the world loves a clown.
[Just make ‘em smile, the whole world loves a clown.]
Wish you well, I cannot stay.
You deserve an award for the role that you played.
No more masquerade; you’re one lonely star.
[One lonely star and you don’t know who you are.]

All the world is a stage,
And everyone has their part.
But how was I to know which way the story’d go?
How was I to know you’d break,
You’d break my heart?

You took my love for granted, why oh why?
The show is over, say good-bye.

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