Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Pop Goes My World

My favorite magazine is Entertainment Weekly; I call it “my Bible.” So naturally I log in to, where I found this very interesting feature where they first had their staff write about “The Beloved Movies You Just Can’t Stand.” Many award-winning or popular movies got lambasted, like Titanic, Magnolia and Blair Witch Project. But then they asked the readers to give their “movies everyone liked but me.” Here are some of the readers’ answers:

Crash (2005)

It’s like having a sledgehammer marked “RACISM” smashing into your head for two hours. — Faith

Never have I been more ticked off on Oscar night... Crash was a farce, a movie that only people who don't watch many movies would like. I liked its message about racism, but the script was just way too contrived. And really, are we supposed to feel sorry for a guy who steals people's cars at gunpoint? He got what he deserved, unlike this movie’s creators! — Snoogins

In 10 years it’ll be a camp classic. Never have so many serious actors tackled such serious material so seriously—and thrown around so many racial epithets. Just so you don’t waste your time, I’ll sum it up for you: Racism is bad, m’kay? And racism pushed Sandy down the stairs. — gazer

The English Patient (1996)

There is a reason that Seinfeld made an episode dedicated to bashing the English Patient...Die already, die!!!!...enough said! — me

THE ENGLISH PATIENT. My hubby and I went to see it thinking it would be fantastic. I didn't think it would EVER end. Oh my goodness. Truly the most boring movie ever. — Liza

ENGLISH PATIENT: Beautifully photographed, but three hours is a long time to stare at a screensaver. Is he dead yet? — Wayne

Longest. Boringest. Movie. Ever. The only movie I've ever seen people walk out on. The scene where she hits her head? Did they just fall asleep during the editing process? Three hours and 10 minutes wasn't long enough? — Ruddiger

Lost in Translation (2003)

Was I the only one that didn’t believe Scarlett Johansson would look twice at Bill Murray? — Kara

Lost in Translation: Two rich people lounge around their luxury Tokyo hotel and sneer at everyone else. — Adam K

How that film won a screenplay Oscar is beyond me. It must have had about a five-page script. — Rosie

* * * * *

Here’s something that Entertainment Weekly has not yet written about—at least, I think they haven’t yet.

Now that Casino Royale will be opening this November with Daniel Craig as the latest (and grittier) James Bond, who will sing the theme song? Pretend you’re a Broccoli, one of the producers of the Bond series. Who would you choose? Remember that they try as much as possible to get an act that’s pretty well-known worldwide. Will you go edgy like the new Bond, or will you choose popularity above all?

Who would you consider?

Among the ladies:
a. Beyonce
b. Fergie
c. Christina Aguilera
d. Shakira
e. Pink

Among the men:
a. Robbie Williams
b. Craig David
c. John Legend
d. Sean Paul
e. Usher

Among the groups:
a. Black Eyed Peas
b. Red Hot Chili Peppers
c. Sugababes
d. System of a Down
e. Pussycat Dolls (?!)

Or will they go a totally different route and try Fatboy Slim?

Ladies: probably Beyonce (she did the Bond spoof Austin Powers Goldmember to back her up), but Ms Aguilera may not be far behind.

Men: Robbie Williams. Enough of Sean Paul already!

Groups: hahahah Pussycat Dolls!

Film/s I can't stand:

1) Forrest Gump -- Whatever anyone says about Tom Hanks' acting, I can't bear watching him through this movie.

2) Episode I the Phantom Menace -- Acting too wooden, especially Jake Lloyd a.k.a. the future Darth Vader. Too many special effects to drown bad script. Jar Jar Binks is irritating. Only saving grace was Queen Amidala's costume changes.

3) Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone -- Uninspiring. Dan Radcliffe is painful to watch here.

4) King Kong -- I saw this film three times, one time was on the plane back to Vancouver. Visually exhausting to watch.

5) Any Tom Cruise films -- Unless you're a glutton for ham acting.
I'd go with Shakira all the way .. the Bond song has to has as much allure as the Bond girls, and Shakira definitely has it ... And I'm so glad to see I'm not the only one who wanted to claw my own eyes during Crash .. man did that movie suck hard
I have to admit that after seeing Shakira shimmy-and-shake in her music videos, she would be a perfect fit in the opening title sequence--one of those instances where the artist is actually seen singing the title song.

But really, hahahaha! I can't resist imagining the Pussycat Dolls doing the same thing--multiplied by five!--in the opening title sequence. Of course only their lead singer is singing; the rest will just bump-and-grind. The Dolls' campiness will fit more with Roger Moore's Bond, though.
OOPS! Turns out there already is a song and a singer for Bond. Chris Cornell wrote and sang the theme song, entitled "You Know My Name". It's already in YouTube.
surfed in from your now popular sam post.

I actually liked Crash. The only let down was the fact that there were NO filipinos in the entire story. How is that possible in LA? couldnt there be at least one Flip druggie in one of the scenes?! Come on.
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