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From UTAKGAGO: is it true that you can meet a lot of guys in the gym? i mean guys who also like guys. how will you know if a guy wants to have sex with you? what are the signs to look out for?

McVIE replies: Yes, you can meet a lot of Guys Who Like Guys (hereby referred to as GWLG) in gyms. That’s the reason why, in an episode of Will & Grace, Jack stated that the gym was “the gay church,” a place gay men come to worship the male form.

I have been a member of four gyms already. And in all four gyms (not even counting the different branches that a couple of them had) I’ve experienced more than one, uhm, encounter with GWLG. And what I mean by encounter is not just a close encounter—I’m talking up-close-and-personal encounters. The level of encounters range from jerk offs and mutual masturbation all the way to, well, all the way.

Of course the likelihood of meeting GWLGs, having an encounter with them, and the level of encounter depend on several things: [1] the number of GWLG members who go to that particular gym (or branch); [2] the time of the day; [3] the physical layout of the gym’s facilities, most especially the sauna, steam room and showers.

Several general rules of thumb:

1. The higher the number of gorgeous-looking guys in the gym, the higher the concentration of GWLGs in that gym. (“Gorgeous-looking” can refer to just face or just body or both face and body—in which case it’s an unjust situation, unless that guy has an IQ of a fire hydrant; if so, then balance is restored to the universe.)

2. The affordability of the membership fee will determine the socio-economic range of GWLGs found in the gym. Kapag jologs ang membership fee, jologs ang crowd.

3. The more private the sauna, steam room and showers, the more likely the encounters.

4. Also regarding layout: if there are “systems” in place that provide early warnings that someone is coming—a longer hallway or noisy swinging doors, for example—then the possibility of a more intense encounter increases.

5. In general the gym staff is aware that encounters do happen. I believe the long-timers can tell who’s really working out and who’s making out. They tend to turn a blind eye to what’s happening; in return, it would be best to discreetly keep encounters away from them.

How will you know if a guy wants to have sex with you? What are the signs to look out for?

The signs generally apply to all sorts of venues, whether in the gym, at the mall, inside the movie house, in a bar or even in church. In general the more straight and public the place, the more discreet the signs.

If a guy makes eye contact and holds it a beat longer than usual before breaking it off, then continues to glance again and again at you, then most likely he’s interested in you. Either that, or he’s mistaken you for someone he knows. The more gay-friendly the venue (for example, gay bars, dance clubs and bathhouses), the safer it is to assume that they’re interested in you.

In a gym sauna or steam room if the guy keeps stealing glances at you, he’s interested. If he’s also rubbing his hard-on under his towel, he’s definitely interested. If he whips out his throbbing, pulsating cock and starts playing with himself—well! At that point if a miscommunication still happens between the two of you, then one of you is a retard.

Remember one very important thing: discretion is the better part of lust. Just as one must always play safe by putting on rubber, one should always be discreet when engaging in encounters at the gym or any venue with a mixed crowd, like a seminary for example. Gays and straights sharing the same space need to respect each other’s sensibilities. Try not to organize an orgy in the steam room; that’s a sure way to have your membership—maybe even your life!—terminated. The more discreet gay men just use the encounters to exchange digits; the sexual activities happen much later outside the gym.

You can tick off straight guys or even fellow gay men by being too aggressive in the gym. The signal you’re sending out is not “I’m interested” but rather “I’m desperate.” You can get either a snub or a sneer from gay men. Worse, you can get a bloody nose from a straight guy with a mean streak.

My attitude towards gym encounters is this: if I’m just looking for sex, there are other, much safer venues where I can go to instead of the gym. If an opportunity comes in the gym and in my assessment an encounter can happen discreetly, then why not? Palay na nga ang lumalapit sa manok, di ba? But I’d rather use the gym for its original purpose and just be open to possibilities.

Play smart, play safe.

spoken like a true expert! wala akong masabi sa years and years of experience! wisdom kung wisdom!!! idol ka talaga winnie mcvie!
"Years and years of experience" -- Hahaha! You make me sound like a troll hanging around shower stalls and saunas looking for action. I'm just very observant. (Nakanampucha, i-justify ko ba daw, o?! AHAHAHAHA!)
so accurate and comprehensive! so what's the best gym?
I agree 100%!!!! Gold's Galleria anyone? Hehe
Wow. Amen to that. I love this post. From now on, I'll be following your entries.
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