Thursday, October 26, 2006

Kiss Off

“Kiss you off these lips of mine…
Kiss you off for a custom shine…
Pissed yours truly off this time,
It’s why I ain’t just kissin’ you,
I’m kissin’ you off!”

– Scissors Sisters, “Kiss You Off”

Last night Leigh and I were talking about letting go. It’s a very empowering thing, letting go, especially if it’s done with much love and understanding, not out of spite.

There’s also something to be said about having a certain level of detachment. Now if only I knew what the Buddhists really mean by that. I don’t think they mean you cease caring for something. Maybe it just means one is more willing to let go when the time comes.

Hay life. It used to have semester breaks and Christmas and summer vacations. Now it’s not all that simple anymore.

* * * * *

Speaking of kiss offs, get ready to say goodbye to season 4.

wow how profound and enriching naman the conversations you have. pasali naman minsan :)

- miggie boy

p.s. go for blogger beta when you do your season 5 - so i can link your individual posts via trackback to my site.
MIGGIE BOY: Sure! Hey, email me so we can meet up. Kung gusto mo, sa Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf sa Greenbelt pa tayo magkita... para ma-sight ko na rin yung cute barista! :-)
When is Season 5 coming out?

- Mikey
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