Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I’ve A Bad Back, I’m Fat, I’m Leched

Two Saturdays ago I went to the office to do overtime work. Despite my being tired the next day I insisted on using the treadmill for the first time in over half a year (I’d often use the stepper for my cardio workout). So Monday came and my back ached but I shrugged it off. Tuesday it became worse, so Wednesday I made sure I got enough sleep and rest. Thursday it was better but Friday saw me seated the whole day due to a planning session and staying up ‘til midnight drinking at an officemate’s birthday party. By Saturday my backache was a full-blown production number—I couldn’t bend properly to put on my shoes, and every time I coughed a shot of pain coursed through my lower left backside. There goes Bed and F for this weekend, I thought to myself.

So I had myself x-rayed Monday morning to see what was wrong. By 6pm the results were in: no pinched nerves, no osteoporosis (old age!), no scoliosis. Muscle strain, I suppose. The doctor told me that sitting for a long time was actually bad for my back at this point. I should either be flat on my back or standing with my left leg slightly raised. So to drive to work this morning, I had to push my seat way forward while tilting the backrest to the lowest possible angle without sacrificing my sightlines. In effect my arms were fully extended when I gripped the wheel; I was afraid I looked like a drag racer, the kind you saw on a Saturday evening at Parañaque or at the stretch just outside Corinthian Gardens or at Libis several years ago, with their souped up cars with black lights on the underside. Ugh.

I have enough tablets of my medicine to last for about a week; I’m not supposed to go to the gym while my back isn’t healed yet. Oh my god. Jubesity! When the feeling comes, and you can’t go on, it’s jubesity! This afternoon my gay officemate looked at my picture in my ID (taken a mere six months ago) and said, “Ang payat mo noon.”


(*Pronounced letch-t, it’s English for “Na-leche!”)

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