Monday, September 25, 2006

McVIE’s TOP 10 (for the week of 18-24 Sept. 2006)

The following are the songs that were on repeat-play the whole week last week in my iPod.

10. Crazy by Gnarls Barkley – Still crazy after all these weeks for that song. But it’s on the way out now.

9. Gone Til November by Wyclef Jean – Old song that I immediately liked the first time I heard it. It’s only now that I was able to download a copy on MP3.

8. Lawyers In Love by Jackson Browne – Again another old song downloaded. I missed this song; I was never able to buy the album when it first came out, and I can’t find it on CD anywhere here. I love the guitar and drums on this song.

7. Batang-Bata Ka Pa by Sugarfree – When Ebe sings, “batang-bata ka pa” repeatedly towards the end in his plaintive high-pitched voice, it always kills me.

6. I’m The Man Who Murdered Love by XTC – Love the lyrics.
There’ll be no more pain from broken hearts
And no more lovers to be torn apart
Before you throw me in your dungeon dark
Your honour, they’ll be putting statues up in every park

I’m the man who murdered love
Yeah, what do you think to that?

So dear public I’m here to confess
That I’m the one who freed us from this mess
Love won’t be calling at your address
‘Cause what you never had you never miss, I guess

5. Screwed by Paris Hilton – This is an interesting song. At first I thought, hey this is new for Paris: she sounds like a girl who concedes that she’s on the losing end of a relationship. “Boy meets girl and she falls much harder than him,” and so she’s screwed. But then later on I realized that the title has a double meaning: “Tonight, tonight, you’re gonna turn down the lights
/ And give me a little more room just to prove it to you.” By the time she’s jauntily singing, “I’m screwed, I’m screwed” in the fadeout, I was laughing my head off.

4. Haru (Widelife Club Mix) by Widelife – I fell instantly in love with the song when I first heard it played in Bed. It took me a while to get the artist and title. It’s 10 minutes long, but it never fails to get my pulse racing and my feet moving.

3. Losing My Mind by Liza Minelli and Pet Shop Boys – Probably one of the gayest collaborations of all-time, topped only by k.d. lang and Andy Bell’s duet of “Enough Is Enough (No More Tears).”

2. Hey U by Basement Jaxx – Super-infectious and silly. It’s the perfect happy music for driving.

1. Nothing In This World by Paris Hilton – Paris’ second single is mindless fun. Light in lyrics yet heavy on the beat, it’s a piece of pop fluff that’s easy on the ears and totally disposable. Plus the video is actually fun to watch.

wow si mr. mcvie, paris fan na talaga! ako parang di ko pa rin maatim... (in denial! LOL)
I don't mind fluff. Hell, I read chick literature (the ones that have pink on their covers).

Sometimes you need a bit of fluff to counter the seriousness of this world....
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