Thursday, September 28, 2006

I Have Always Been A Storm

It’s 1:20pm, and Typhoon Milenio (who the hell thinks of these names?!) is wreaking havoc on the city. We’re still in the office preparing for a pitch. We’re on the 20th floor and the whole building is fucking swaying. I first noticed it at our hallway—I could hear the walls creaking. I placed my hand on the walls—the whole building was moving. Cool!

We’re in the conference room; outside the rain has subsided into a drizzle. On the way here I saw huge trees uprooted all over Makati; plus I saw on two separate occasions two motorcycles lying in the middle of the road. I regret not bringing my camera today.

I love stormy weather.

we took photos of some panels on the roof of galleria flying off like paper. haha.
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