Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Great Gender Bender

On 2009 it will be my high school batch’s 25th homecoming anniversary, which I suppose is a big deal because even if it’s still three years away plans are already afoot. But even with all these preparations, I believe it will be very difficult to top our 10th homecoming.

You see, during our 1994 homecoming we discovered that our all-male batch had turned co-ed!

The venue of the homecoming was at the high school auditorium. When it was almost time for the activities to start, a curvaceous woman sashayed towards the registration table. The guys who spotted her from afar started ribbing one another in anticipation and whispering: “Pare, who’s date is that?” The female registration staff manning the table thought to themselves, “Oh, her boyfriend or husband must be just parking the car and she just went ahead of him.”

When she reached the table, she breathlessly whispered, “Roman, section 4-D.” Jaws dropped, breathing stopped; there was a collective oh-my-god. Our Roman was now a Romana.

Apparently after college Roman started the process of changing his gender, with his parents’ consent and financial support. And so six years later she pulled off the sweetest revenge: she managed to turn on the very same guys who in high school were turned off by his effeminate manners and his homosexuality. In fact, the running joke that night was guys asking one another, “So, did you lust after her before you found out she was Roman?” “Really? Well, (insert name of guy) was turned on by her after he found out she was Roman, hahaha!”

Now imagine topping that! Come out to the batch? That’s oh sooo yesterday. The only way I can think of topping that is if Romana comes to our 25th reunion—as Roman again! If changing of gender were as easy as changing one’s mind.

Her impact so stunned everyone that, deep into the evening’s activities, when another curvaceous woman in a stunning red dress and plunging neckline entered the venue, people started asking one another, “Uh-oh, is she a batchmate of ours too?”

Turned out she was Jenine Desiderio, our entertainer for the night. Poor girl.
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“Do I look like a drag queen to you or what, huh?!”

Haha. Funny naman :)
This is to certify that what McVie wrote about our HS homecoming is absolutely true. Yes, even the Jenine Desiderio part! Poor girl indeed. Thanks for the trip down memory lane, McVie!
Reminds me of a time when I went to our high school reunion, I asked a foxy lady friend to accompany me as my chaperone. Wala lang, I needed someone as an excuse for us to hang out somewhere else when we get bored.

The guys [the former jocks] were stunned to see her, and asked if she was my girlfriend. I just laughed coyly [that time, hindi pa yata ako out]. I ended up having the best-looking date that night.

It's great to have gorgeous fag-hags. ;-)
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