Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Feeling Couped

In Thailand a coup d’etat is headline news for CNN and the BBC. In the Philippines a coup is a social event and an excuse for the everyday man to go on vacation. And the way our clients have been pushing us the past three weeks with work, work, WORK, part of me wishes for some socio-political-faux-military-quasi-religious “event” to happen. It’s just an “event” really, because no one is overthrown and nothing is changed. But that gives us an excuse to tell client, go screw yourself and your deadlines, I ain’t doin’ it cuz there’s a coup right now. And I’ll head straight to the mall to watch Mel Chonglo’s latest movie on macho dancers, Twilight Dancers. Or Channing Tatum (hot, hot, HOT!) in Step Up.

it's TWILIGHT dancers, mcvie :) let us know what you think of it after watching!
Thanks Migs for the heads-up. I already corrected the title. :-)
Hoy. Inagaw mo na si Brad sakin. Stay away from Channing Tatum!!!
FRIED-NEURONS: I do, I do stay away! But he's the one who keeps approaching me. Nagseselos na nga ng over si Brad eh. Hay naku, how can I convince Brad na, between the two of them, I choose... to be. (As in, sandwiched! Hahaha!)
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