Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Masaya ngayong ang lahat ng mga buwaya sa Kongreso.
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Steve Irwin, a.k.a. Mr. Crocodile Hunter, died after a close encounter with a stingray that unfortunately had more sting than ray. When Steve swam too close on top of it, the stingray lashed out its tail in defense. The barb of the stingray—which can reach 10 inches long and is poisonous—hit his chest and plunged straight to his heart.

I’m not a particularly big fan of Steve Irwin; I find him alternately amusing and annoying. The man from Down Under is so over the top with his energy level that it’s tiring to watch him. Besides, Jeff Corwin is cuter and hunkier than him, and I don’t get tired watching Jeff. But I did feel sad when I heard the news. Steven Irwin may be the most recognized and the most vocal (literally) animal conservation advocate around. Say what you will about his too-close-for-comfort stunts and his over-the-top commentaries; they made him a high-profile celebrity and helped increased awareness about animal conservation.

Oh well. Now it’s Jeff Corwin’s time to shine and be the top banana amongst all these animal guys on TV.
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sayang siya... there's something in guys who take risks that make them so papable to me. hehe. sumalangit nawa.

I actually had a crush on Steve Irwin, but his croc antics kinda turned me off...

At sinech itong si Jeff Corwin??? Cutie sha ha?!
Due to the nature of his "job", we all probably knew that this is going to happen one day..

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