Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Ask Me A Silly Question…

While chatting on the net:

* * * * *

HIM: “Am I pangit?”

ME: “ANO KA BA NAMAN?! Anong klaseng tanong yan?

Seriously, no you are not. You’re not guwapo, but “not guwapo” doesn’t mean you’re pangit.”

* * * * *

Anyone who asks me is really asking for it, hahaha.

But seriously, I was being honest. Isn’t it sad that for most people, “not handsome” equals “ugly” but “not ugly” is rightly seen as “not necessarily handsome.”

I swear, we uglies of the world should unite!

Sa SSS Village, Marikina. But there's a back way that can bring me to MetroEast/Sta.Lu in minutes.


My parents used to live there in the 60s. By the time I was born we were already in the South.

Gosh, layo mo pala, and yet you get to travel all the way to BED haha.
Hey, have car will travel! Hehehe.
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