Saturday, September 30, 2006

Ang Pagdadalaga ng Ang Pagdadalaga

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Is it just my imagination or does the re-mastered Ang Pagdadalaga Ni Maximo Olivero have new scenes in it? It sure looked like it when I watched it at SM sometime this week.

The re-mastering made several previously dark scenes a lot clearer, and not just visually. I’ve seen this movie thrice already. But this time there were details I saw for the first time, and scenes previously seen suddenly seemed to have new meaning. I didn’t realize that Maximo burned his brother’s t-shirt; I mean, I got that thanks to the dialogue at a later scene but I never realized that the movie actually showed Victor the policeman seeing Maximo burning the evidence.

And did they also rework the soundtrack? It too seems sharper than the previous versions. Ambient noises were now clearer, so it really helped add to the atmosphere of the whole movie.

Watching it for the third time was the charm; it was more moving now that I was seeing it—as in really seeing it. When Maximo whistled along with Victor towards the end, I realized only then that it was the closest the two came to kissing one another. Touching movie indeed.

If you haven’t seen Ang Pagdadalaga Ni Maximo Olivero on its third—and technically best—incarnation, then shame on you. This version is Maximo in full bloom. Watch it before it gets too old.

They're finally showing it here in L.A. (and New York) today...then eventually they'll show it in other cities. I'm trying to gather up all my gays to go watch it with me next week.
ERNESTO: Let me just lower your expectations a bit. You see, "Maximo" is STILL a digital indie film. So expect all that grain and all that murky visuals and audio. But after seeing the movie in original murky and the re-mastered 35mm version, the latter made me so glad they made the effort.
i've seen 'maximo' on ppv

you're ryt some scenes were quite dark..

is the new version available for home consumption or re-released in cinemas?
The Vancouver Film Festival is currently showing this film (at last!), so I will get to see it for the first time (subtitled in English of course). Not sure if they will show the improved version or the original digital version. I hope the show the new one.

I'm the seeing the film with a super-cute friend (direcho, last time I checked), who will be coming to Manila this month. He figured that watching this film would at least give him sense of Manila, the people and the culture.... ;-)
NADRIAMEZ: This latest version is currently showing just in cinemas. But I don't see any reason why they can't use this version as the one for the video/DVD release. It certainly is a lot clearer.

NELZ: Sana this cute friend can bend like the trees in Manila when he comes over here... etchos!
This one will be shown and will be competing in the "Films from the South" film festival here in Oslo, Norway. Can't wait to see it again!
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