Friday, August 04, 2006

To Baguio, Please

Leigh has always wanted to bring her mom, sister and son to Baguio. The last time her mom was in Baguio, Ferdinand Marcos was alive, healthy, and a popular president of RP. And her son really loves long drives. So this weekend they’re all going up to Baguio—and I’m the family driver! Yes, I’ll be driving Rogue, Leigh’s Ford Explorer Sportrac. I’ve driven it to Baguio and back years ago, when we attended the Ad Congress in 2003. Three years later it’s a repeat performance, but this time the vehicle will be crowded. Plus we were told that certain portions of Marcos highway (I guess the low-lying ones) are still flooded, thanks to the last typhoon. So this is the first time I’ll be doing Kennon Road in a truck. At least Rogue is automatic, so that makes driving a little easier.

We’re so excited!

I’m bringing my laptop along so I can download photos immediately, and maybe do a comic or two. Or do an episode of The McVie Show, “live” from Baguio! Bahala na si Batman.

* * * * *

A minor peeve of mine is the way most staff at fastfood counters mispronounce the word “please.” Just today during lunch, after I gave my order the girl shouted, “One Champ, ple-ah-z!


Another variation is, “One burger and fries, fles.” Or “One Chicken Joy meal, pleh-z.

Oh, puh-leez.

I don’t expect counter staff to be mouthing off in call-center-like English, but please, please, please, how difficult is it to pronounce “please” properly?

Sana pagbalik n'yo 'di na masungit si Leigh, pleazt.
Hmmm... it'll be difficult for me to try and find Leigh some "action" with some articulate Igorot when her mom and son are with her, but I'll see what I can do.
Hahaha. Favorite namin dati to make fun of was the "PA lady" at ShoeMart Makati...

"Meester Juan de la Cruz, Meester Juan de la Cruz, to da customer suhr-vez, plehz."
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