Sunday, August 20, 2006

This Crucifixion Is Brought To You By The Letter A

“I said ‘Jesus A. Christ,’ not ‘Jesus H. Christ’! Christ!” – Herod to Pilate

Eep! So there’s more than one public figure named Isagani Cruz, distinguishable by just their middle initials. So let’s get our Isaganis straight, cuz it’s gonna be queer for queers to crucify the wrong straight.

So repeat after me: it’s Isagani A. the ex-justice not Isagani R. the critic who wrote that anti-gay article in the Inquirer.

Yeah I thought it was the other Gani. I just couldn't believe Isagani R. would say such things--he's such a lovely man. In fact I had a tremendous crush on him (graaabeeee na to) when I was working with him on a book project years ago....
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