Sunday, August 06, 2006

A Series of Baguio Events – Episode 1

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We were supposed to leave a little after 4am Saturday. We left 4:45am.

The drive was very relaxed. In fact, a little too relaxing for me—at the very uneventful North Luzon Expressway, I found myself yawning at the monotony of the drive. I looked forward to the zigzagging Kennon Road because that will surely keep me awake and interested.

First bathroom break was at Jollibee in Hacienda Luicita, Tarlac. We just stopped so I can use the bathroom. But the moment I entered, everyone from the security guard to all of the staff behind the counter greeted me with a loud, “Welcome to Jollibee, sir!” Yikes. So I was pressured to buy a burger and drink. Thank god no one said something like, “May I take your order, phfl-eeh-ahzh” or else I would have scooted out of there.

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Second bathroom break at a Shell station and stretch Lucien’s legs.

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Third stop at the Caltex station, just before the climb to Kennon Road.

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That damn lion used to be black, then was painted bright orange (duh?!) Now it’s black and faded gold.

And then, by 11:00am we were in Baguio.

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