Friday, August 11, 2006

The King Of Comedy

Maybe it’s because I grew up with drama queens in grade school. Maybe it’s because I had my fill of unrequited loves in college and after. Maybe it’s because several years ago I re-read Desiderata and at that point the sentences “Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence” and “Avoid loud and aggressive persons; they are vexations to the spirit” suddenly made perfect sense.

That’s why I’m singing Mary J. Blige nowadays.

So tired
Tired of all this drama
You go your way...
I go my way
I need to be free
So tired, tired, tired of all this drama

Broken heart again,
Another lesson learned.
Better know your friends
Or else you will get burned.
Gotta count on me,
Cause I can guarantee
That I’ll be fine.

No more pain
No drama
No more drama in my life
No one’s gonna make me hurt again

Why’d I play the fool
Go through ups and downs;
Knowing all the time
You wouldn’t be around.
Or maybe I like the stress
Cause I was young and restless.
But that was long ago.
I don’t wanna cry no more.

Oh, it feels so good!
When you let go
Of all the drama in your life.
Now you’re free from all the pain,
Free from all the games,
Free from all the stress,
To find your happiness...

I don’t know...
Only God knows where the story ends
For me.
But I know where the story begins.
It's up to us to choose
Whether we win or lose—
And I choose to win.

Go ahead, go ahead
You demons, get on out my face!
Go on out of my life—
I’m about to lose my mind!

Lord, help me sing!
Oh, help me sing!
I need peace of mind, peace of mind, peace of mind

I’m so tired,
I’m so tired,
So tired…
Tired of all this drama.

hey mcvie!


last time i was in baguio was more than ten years ago. geez... and the lion's head had a make-over...
Heller! Baguio's Lion Head wasn't the only one that had a make-over; the whole city has trasformed, for better or for worse. Next time you're back in the country (kelan kaya yun?), try to swing by the summer capital of the Philippines. :-)
hi joel,

out of the topic here....just wanted to let you know that i have re-read your posts about your father's death two years ago... and other related topics...and it is somehow helping me cope with the death of a close immediate family..... almost same situation... the rushing to the hospital, carrying a dead-weight...being there when the doctor said...DOA... and the difficult part of calling up my siblings on the phone and choosing the coffin. Somehow, your posts helped me cope now that we have buried her. Thanks.

RANDY: Is this Randy, as in please-introduce-me-and-set-me-up-with-Leigh Randy? Your comment may be off-topic and somewhat off-character (heck, I never saw your serious side before), but it is very much appreciated. I wrote those entries as my way of coping. I'm glad that they were able to help you cope as well.
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