Friday, August 18, 2006

Isa Granny

I’ve kept silent about this issue for some time now simply because I’ve been gathering my thoughts on how to address it here in The McVie Show. Now I’m ready for my close-up, direk.

Okay, rolling na ba? “Rolling. Sound! Action!”

Ahem. For a playwright, critic and former undersecretary of education, Isagani Cruz is terribly uneducated with regards to homosexuals and homosexuality. His article published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer entitled “Don We Now Our Gay Apparel” has the pink community up in arms and eyebrows over such statements like the following:

Walking along the University belt one day, I passed by a group of boys chattering among themselves, with one of them exclaiming seriously, “Aalis na ako. Magpapasuso pa ako!” [“I’m leaving. I still have to breastfeed!”] That pansy would have been mauled in the school where my five sons (all machos) studied during the ’70s when all the students were certifiably masculine.


Let us be warned against the gay population, which is per se a compromise between the strong and the weak and therefore only somewhat and not the absolute of either of the two qualities. Be alert lest the Philippine flag be made of delicate lace and adorned with embroidered frills.

I will not add to the growing clamor to give Mr. Cruz an enema, literally and figuratively. After all, there are people more eloquent than I am who’ve already articulated my feelings on the matter far better than what I can come up with. I will, however, say that attitudes such as those he espouses should firmly and vigorously be opposed.

I’m not sure if he’s too old to change attitudes, so I don’t know if it’s worth the bother to try and enlighten him. But my dream scenario is for him to one day come home and find one of his macho sons sinususo his equally macho close male friend. And why does he need to qualify that all of his sons are macho? Methinks the lady doth defend too much.

Haaay naku. Where there’s smoke, there’s tinapa. You know, something fishy.

“Cut! Good take. Pack up!”

It's a different Gani Cruz. The Inquirer columnist Isagani A. Cruz is a former SC Justice.

Isagani R. Cruz is the prof and former Usec. As far as I know (he was my prof and I worked with himin DepEd), IRC has no problem with homosexuality.

Just making sure we don't crucify the wrong Gani. :)
But my dream scenario is for him to one day come home and find one of his macho sons sinususo his equally macho close male friend - I share your dream Mcvie. Hehe
MISSINGPOINTS: Thanks for the clarification. What one letter can do, right?
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