Thursday, August 24, 2006


Imagine a movie scene: a couple is sitting at a park bench, holding hands and looking at each other’s eyes. The guy leans closer to kiss the girl on the lips. The girl at first closes her eyes and purses her lips, ready to receive his, when suddenly she opens her eyes and quickly turns her head, moving her lips away from him. Sheepishly she looks up and sees the puzzled expression on his face. Then she says:

“Sometimes we are eklabu with the chenelyn of falling in love; having the kemedu of having or missing echoz. It’s alright to feel chorva through other shomabels, but don’t get dependent on achieving tsimili ekek by being with burirot. Chenelyn yourself first before making chorva your life with somebody, because if you don’t, you will always eklabumbum for the chinabels that you think can make you chenez. And in the end it will only make you chenez yourself more. Charot by charot, keme by keme. Haaay, very touching, ‘no?”

* * * * *

Now try saying that out loud in a serious, sincere manner. Better yet, use it as an audition piece.

(P.S. – Thanks to nikolaiparis for texting me the line.)

This is an embarassment. Hindi ko siya ma-translate!! Huhuhu
PUNKS: Hindi importante na ma-translate mo word-per-word. Just say it lang with feelings, puwede na yun!
Bongga-lore, India! Chuvah ka talaga!
Jewel, Even with the mega-emote, hindi ko pa rin siya maintindihan and my flatmates are starting to get irritated by my ramblings.
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