Sunday, August 27, 2006

Better Translate Than Never

Vhaklur-speak isn’t an exact science; no living “language” is. It’s always evolving at a rate faster than formal languages. It’s really a form of slang—a lot of it is connotation more than denotation.

Having said all that crap, let me try to translate as best as I can the phrase from the previous episode “Chuvah!” Maybe aspiring actors who want to use the monologue can use the following so that they can give meaning and “color” to the lines.

Again, this translation isn’t exact so feel free to adjust it according to your tastes.

Here goes:

“Sometimes we are eklabu (in love) with the chenelyn (idea) of falling in love; having the kemedu (excitement) of having or missing echoz (somebody). It’s alright to feel chorva (wanted) through other shomabels (people), but don’t get dependent on achieving tsimili ekek (happiness) by being with burirot (a boy/girlfriend). Chenelyn (Love) yourself first before making chorva (sharing) your life with somebody, because if you don’t, you will always eklabumbum (be searching) for the chinabels (others) that you think can make you chenez (happy). And in the end it will only make you chenez (love) yourself more. Charot by charot, keme by keme*. Haaay, very touching, ‘no?”

*Since the sentence structure is “X by X, Y by Y”, then mathematically speaking “X” can be anything and “Y” can be anything too. So feel free to just replace “charot” and “keme” with anything, to wit: “Moment by moment, day by day.” Or: “Inch by inch, throb by throb.” Or: “Suck by suck, dick by dick.” Or… oh, you get the point.

I still don't get the translation.

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