Saturday, July 29, 2006

Waiter, Pa-Order!

New item on the menu of Pata King:

Patayinsasindaksibarbara – pata y inasal, sabaw ng sinigang na isda, kilawin with sili, barbeque, sinugba na okra

That sounds complicated! I just know Tocilog or Tapsilog other than that I'm not aware of other permutations. Anyway, I know this is off topic but I was wondering how you can connect your blogger account with your livejournal account. I just want to be able to post on one and have it available on both. Another question I have is about Bohol. Is it a good place to visit maybe in the last week of October? Im just not sure about the weather conditions or some other reasons. (Thank you in advance...Oh mighty source of information)
Re. question 1: I have The McVie Show in Blogger and The McVie Show Live! in Livejournal. They are almost exactly alike, give or take a sentence or two (that’s because the audiences are different). How do I do it? It’s very simple. I don’t know if there’s a way to connect Blogger with Livejournal. What I do is write my entry in Word, then cut-and-paste in Blogger and Livejournal.

Re. question 2: October is okay to visit the Philippines in general because by that time the rainy season has ended—but be warned that stray typhoons and monsoon rains still occur all the way until December. But don’t be alarmed; just plan and be prepared. During the –er months many tourists from the Western hemisphere visit the tropical islands to escape their winter months. So tourism in Bohol picks up from October to January—that means the supporting infrastructures (tourist assistance, transportation, resorts) are in full operation. At least, that’s what I’m told. ☺ (I do visit Bohol during December, but since my parents are from there, we never had to behave like tourists.)

Oh, I’m not that mighty nor informative. I’m just loquacious. ☺
You can also "email" your post to your blogger account. And if you're a Mac user, you can download the livejournal Widget for easy posting. :)
Thanks McVie and thanks Phillip. I have done the copy and paste thing but I just thought theres a way to link it. With regards to travelling, it seems like my friends and I have changed our plans from Bohol to Palawan (specifically Coron). Thanks again.
ERNESTO: Well, there you go! Thanks, Phillip, for the info as well.

Palawan is not as typhoon-ravaged as the Visayas, so I suppose you'll have less worries about the weather. Then again, usually by October the typhoon season is often over.
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