Monday, July 17, 2006

‘Til Bruce Do Us Part

I am not really a big fan of weddings and marriage in general. I do not believe that love “will last forever” because nothing lasts forever. Even The Hardy Boys will one day fail a case, Madonna will stop reinventing herself, and gays will stop singing “I Will Survive”. And weddings are often tedious, lengthy and costly affairs.

But last Saturday I attended a ceremony to celebrate the union of Norman and Nelz, or NormaNelz as I’d like to call them. They are already married, thanks to the more open-minded people of Canada. But to Nelz’s family and friends, there were no proper goodbyes and congratulations; when he left for Canada, he was supposed to come back after three months; instead, he got hitched and stayed there. So last Saturday was the opportunity for his family and friends to achieve closure, congratulate the couple, and create memories.

Oh yeah, create memories.

I asked the wedding coordinator, “What kind of ceremony is this going to be? It can’t be religious, because our religion does not allow it. It can’t be legal, because our laws say it’s illegal. So what is it?” And he answered, “It’s a production number!”

Ah yes, create memories.

The worst one for me was when Leigh and I were placed in a table with two other guys who will remain anonymous. They were the best of friends for eight years; two years ago they had a major falling out. They have not talked to each other since. So to be stuck in a table with them was major awkwardness for me; not to mention having Leigh sit through that. (I don’t blame the organizers who placed us in one table; I don’t think they knew. And even if they did, I guess they had no choice.)

The best one for me was when the person officiating the ceremony turned to address the couple and said, “Norman, Bruce…” and stopped. Everyone’s breathing stopped also for a second. Then I saw Norman giggle. Later when I was congratulating the couple, I told them, “My next blog entry will be entitled, ‘Til Bruce Do Us Part.”

I was also asked to provide music for the occasion. Before I had a love-hate relationship with being asked to play DJ in parties; on the one hand, it’s while everyone’s having fun, I’m too busy working to enjoy the party. Plus I had to lug around a suitcase full of CDs. But last year I discovered the joys of DJ-ing using the iPod. Last Saturday evening I discovered an even more joyful way to DJ: using my iBook laptop!

Here are some pics:

They are the dancing queens, feel the beat from the tambourine, oh yeah!

The happy couple, “happy” in both sense of the word.

Who was this guy? Nobody knew who he was, and he never appeared that night. Could it be a typo? Or could he actually be Bruce?

I could have sworn I never put Adrian Macavinta there... must have been a Freudian slip on the organizers' part? ;-)

Many thanks for coming--Leigh included. Hope you guys had fun!

Hugs from both of us!
Methinks someone mixed up the names by mistake--namalik-mata, ika nga.

Enjoy Boracay! :-)
bon jour! i hope you recognize this face... there.... next to my comment... i saw you at nelz and norm's wedding, approached you and mentioned about the play in ateneo where i saw you perform. i did say "yun namatay?" then i felt silly realizing what i just said! sorry about that! anyway, hope to see more of you! btw, i cried during norman's speech. ;)
Yes, I remember. It's okay, I've done several plays in TA but only one with a death scene, so to identify the role as "yung namatay" is actually a handy mnemonic device. :-)
hi joel, happy to see you and leigh and kervin there...ay nakoh, the handwritten stuff are last minute placecards. supposed dates of guests. yes, i take resposibility for seating these guys together. no idea. :( was supposedly sparing normanelz the politics of seating arrangements. hehehe
OLIVE: Don't worry, I'm sooo over it. Forgiven and forgotten. Actually, there's nothing to forgive, because I'm pretty sure you had no idea. :-)
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