Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Things That Make Me Go, “Hmmm”

I stumbled upon the following on a guy’s profile in G4M (a gay site). He insisted he didn’t want to meet any mamby-pamby guys; he preferred really masculine-acting men who do not “fall in love” with other men. What’s interesting is that he also gives a definition of the labels being currently used right now by people who think like him:

1. DISCREET GAY - mga bakla na nag pupumulit maging lalaki. na kahit anong gawin nila di sila na lilibugan o mag kakagusto sa babae. Nag aastig astigan lang dahil di alam ng magulang na bakla sila. Pero pag mag isa na sa kwarto... nag laladlad
example: PIOLO P.... RUSTOM P (pero ngayun di na sya discreet)

2. GAY OR HOMOSEXUAL - eto ang mga bakla na na kahit bata pa alam na nila na bakla sila. kahit ng bata pa kilos babae na. pag nagsalita babae... pag nag lakad babaeng babae. kumekendeng. proud proud sya sa buong mundo na bakla sya.

3. DISCREET BISEXUAL - eto ang mga silahis na nag kakagusto o na lilibugan sa kapwa lalake at babae. kahit saan mo tingnan na angulo very straight. at wala silang ilaladlad dahil normal ang pagiging maton o astig nila. walang na kakaalam sa kanilang kalokohan.
example: mahirap mag bigay

4. BISEXUAL - sila ang mga tipong silahis na attracted din sa babae at lalake pero ang iba ay malalamya kumilos.

5. GOY - eto ang bagongkatauhan. sila ang mga STRAIGHT GUY na hindi na iinlove sa kapwa lalake. sila ang tipong hanggang jakol lang at romansa. Hindi sila chumuchupa. hindi sila kumakantot ng kapwa lalake nila.

It’s fascinating how people try to put a name to something in order to understand it.

Now, this “goy” label—obviously it’s a mix of the words “gay” and “boy”. My question is: why would a straight guy want to engage in mutual masturbation and, uhm, “romansa” (what’s that, soulful lips-to-lips kissing? fondling of nipples—by hand? by lips?) with a fellow guy? Unless they’re both in prison or they’re 10-years old and curious of bodily functions, or there’s a pressing economic need (in other words, sex-for-hire), then I don’t see any reason why a straight guy would willingly go out of his way to do something sexual with another guy. If it’s not a preference, then… why? What for?

ang mga may ganyang profile.... CONFUSED! hahahaha.
it's a fucked up world filled with fucked up people who think so fucking stupid. my my. someone's really confused.
alam mo, kahit saang angulo mo tignan, lalaki sa lalaki bakla pa rin wehehehe.

poor guy, he's just confusing himself...
i read that same profile yesterday. he's the only one who doesnt know he's gay. i hate guys like that. bet you di ka-guapuhan either, so huwag siyang magyabang.
Hahaha. Actually he misspelled it, because it should be "g0y" (yep, that's a zero, not an O). The g0ys are silly self-loathing gays who are obsessed about NOT engaging in anal sex and are all about trying to get a "straight" guy into bed. They shroud all of their pronouncements in quasi-religious and moral statements in order to mask the simple fact that they are self-loathing homos.
Saw that stupid profile 2. Tanong ko nga. "nakita mo na pare yung mga hinahanap mo"

He never replied. Maybe I was too effem for him. Haha.
well there are str8 guys who just love the way a gay/bi/or whatever! gives them head, thats motivation enough for the horny-unable-to-get-their-wives-to-give-head segment, then there's the "I dont want to get a girl pregnant, I dont like condoms (therefore I dotn fuck guys either) I I just want release" segment, then there is the eventual "mean guys" with a mix of horniness and sadism that just wants to see a guy (viewed as gay) choke on his 'manhood' and all that.

What they dont know, in the end they'll probably realize the truth... They're just another yarn in an otherwise multicolored gay quilt. :p I'd love to see their faces when that happens hahahaha (and it has on one occasion so am glad)
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