Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Newest Fastfood Joint

If an idle mind is the devil’s playground, then idle creatives are the devil’s Disneyland.

Last night Leigh and I together with our good friend Pris were having dinner when Pris announced she was going to Tapa King to buy food to bring home to her family. And I wondered out loud: “What if we just put up our own business, a fastfood joint? Pero ang paangalan, Pata King.”

That started it all.

In no time we came up with a menu list for Pata King:

Pata Tim – the flagship meal, like in Tapa King
Pata Timmy – our equivalent of Tapa Queen, where the pata is sweet and spicy
Pata Teen – our Tapa Prince equivalent, pata is sweet

Patabayan – or Pata Ng Bayan, bulk order na pang-fiesta
Patago – or Pata-To-Go, our take-out / delivery service

Patani – pata at mani (regular)
Patama – pata at mani (spicy)
Patapon – sisig made from bits of pata
Patagalan – pata at isang galon ng Añejo Rum

Patambok – pata, mammon, palabok (merienda meal)
Patak-patak – pata at kanin lang
Patampata – pata and more pata (eat-all-you-can; after a while, nakakapagod kainin)
Patas – pata at patatas (with side dish)
Pataas – pata at gatas (with drink)
Patatas – pata, patatas, at gatas (with side dish and drink)
Patanong – pata ‘n talong
Patalbog – pata, talong, binatog (with dessert pa)
Patapos – pata, pusit
Patalikod – pata, latik at ubod
Patalamak – pata, laing, sinamak
Patakas – pata, kamote, sayote
Pataksil – pata, kilawin with sili
Patapaking – pata, tapa, kilawin, saging

Pataygutom – pata y gulay, tomato (pa-healthy)
Patatkins – patang pang-Atkins Diet
Patalim – pata at liempo (pang-cardiac arrest)
Patalinhaga – pata, litson, at hamon sa gata (for more cardiac arrest)
Oro, Pata, Mata – thrice-golden fried pata (even more cardiac arrest)

Tapatan – tapang pata (pantapat sa Tapa King)
Lipatan – liempo, pata, ginataan
Apatan – pang-apat na patang pampulutan
Garapata – gata ng rambutan sa pata (garnished with bits of rambutan skin for that garapata look)
Pataykambataka – pata y kambing, bagoong, talong, kamatis
PatalsikinsiGMA – pata, talong, sibuyas, kinilaw with sili, goto, malunggay, atsara

hahahahhaha natawa ako sa last line--PatalsikinsiGMA hahahahahha
Patabulous! :)
and your patalastas advertising campaign.
MLQ3: Patalastas -- pata, lasagna, patatas

We really should put up this restaurant na!
binondo style pata on a stick: patalim
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