Monday, July 10, 2006

I’m Now A Bottom…

Last June 26 I received an email from Dax, who asked me to promote a line of t-shirts called Bottom-Less Shirts. It’s a small venture he and his three other friends have embarked on for the gay community.

Well, feeling Sharon C kasi ako, so I told him I’m very willing to promote their shirts and blogsite—but only after I check out the merchandise. Kasi, like the Megastar, I’d want to endorse (endorse daw o!) products that I believe in.

Unfortunately it took me a while to haul my ass over to the Top&Bottom shop in Malate (located just above O Bar at the corner of Orosa and Nakpil Streets). But last Friday I was able to go and get me a t-shirt. It was the one I fell in love with when I first saw it at the Bottom-less blogsite ( and I told myself, “I’m gonna get that!” Unfortunately they only had a size “small” that night (I was hoping for a “medium” dahil ayokong magmukhang suman na naman). Still, pupuwede na ang small, so getch-kiti-getch na lang akesh.

So… tah-dah!
It’s sooo cool, I’m calling my shirt “Bottom-Less Iced Tee.” Mwhek-hek-hek!

This is their official blurb:

If there is one thing that keeps the gay community resilient and unwavering, despite the countless acts of discrimination and rejection we face in life, it’s our pride.

Pride has fueled us to fight for our place in this world. It is a deeper love for self- -an acceptance, appreciation and a celebration of who and what we are. Something we should live by every single day.

Now, gay men can wear their pride on their sleeves with the Bottom-Less shirts—statement tops that allow you to celebrate pride—fashionably, of course. It’s fashion with a purpose—to nurture and make pride stronger within the gay community.

The brainchild of four friends who felt that there aren’t enough gay statements shirts that are witty, humorous, and endearingly campy—the Bottom-Less shirts were born.

With statements ranging from subtle to screaming, gay men will surely find a shirt that best captures their personality. For sure, the Bottom-less shirts will never be at a loss for words when it comes to spreading pride.

Bottom-Less shirts. Because every bottom needs a top.

Go now and buy your Bottom-Less Shirts at Top&Bottom in Malate. Or visit their blogsite to see their other shirts.

Or click on the link found in the McLinks. ☺

Uy, cool shirt! Gusto ko din nyan...
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