Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A Babaw Episode

Finally got me a new pair of sports shoes. My old Nike was already showing lots of wear and tear, and finally a part in the right shoe snapped. Doesn’t look cool in the gym. So time for me to get a new pair.

I immediately went to Nike Park because I’m so brand-conscious when it comes to shoes. I like shoes that are mega-comfortable to my feet and so far the ones that really satisfied me are Nike for sport shoes and Rockport for leather shoes.

So I was looking around and of course my eyes fell on this pair which was prominently displayed. It was the new Nike Free. I tried on a pair and damn it was so comfortable! Nike Free was designed to mimic being barefoot, the idea behind it being the athletes before who trained barefoot had stronger legs and feet. The shoe moves with your feet, not the other way around. Plus it really breathes. So you can wear very thin socks or go barefoot in them.
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Another thing I bought was this Magnetic Poetry set. I’m not really a poet; I have a hard time writing poetry and express myself better in prose. But this toy/tool can also come in handy in my job, so I decided to shell out one thousand plus pesos for it.

The idea is simple. Taking the cue from magnetic stuff stuck on refrigerators, they’ve created magnets with words on them plus a metallic poetry stand. The idea is to just allow yourself to put words together in whatever way you like on the stand.

Sometimes even just putting two words that start with the same letter (alliteration) can conjure up an image and spark a creative connection in one’s mind. So far I’ve strung the following words together: slather sound, giggle girl, popsicle prison, slip speak, lizard lounge, and plump paradise. I’m just waiting for a spark.

Still it’s a fun and relaxing thing to have on one’s desk. I can just reach over and play with words—literally. Or my AEs might find a better use for it and start posting messages, reminders or (ick!) job orders on it.
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Hahaha. I like your haiku.
I've heard of the Nike free a while back; would be nice to have shoes that comfortable but man, the styling on these things are just not my kind. They're so outer space-y, don't you think? By the way, have you ever thought of podcasting???? There are so few pinoy ahem gay podcasters.
JEDD: Fortunately kerri ko ang outer space-y effect; alien yata ako in my previous life, hahaha. The gray is very easy for me to match, and I also have some shirts that can go well with orange. (In fact, I even have an orange t-shirt!)

Have I ever thought of podcasting? I have. Have I seriously considered podcasting? Not yet, simply because... I don't have time! With writing you can come back to it; with audio recording, I'll want a continuous recording because I will want my podcast to not sound choppy and too edited. The more spontaneous, the better.

But then again... if I seriously consider it, I will need a portable voice recorder and enough kapal-muks to just whip it out of my pocket and start talking into it, even in public. Hmmmm!
My next goal is to buy a pair of Nike shoes. Grabe, I want something really comfortable :-)
JM: I swear, my pair of NikeFree is SOOO comfortable!
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