Tuesday, June 13, 2006

What Goes Around Comes Around….

The hottest viral going around these days is this:


Unverified sources claim the poor girl is Alyssa Alano of Viva Hot Babes. Given local showbiz, it’s likely her career will get a boost from this.

She should call herself ALYSSA KEYS. And when she introduces herself to her audience, she should say, “Hi! Alyssa Keys me! Kamusta na u?”

Get her a new manager, quick!

Hahaha. I saw that video on bryanboy's blog. Super laugh-out-loud! A must-see! :)
I saw her video on braynboy's site. She's god awful. Anyway, why did the tv show let her perform and did they intentionally used fucked up lyrics to make her look like a complete buffoon...you're right, she's going to be popular but I would hate to be her...
I have qualms about this video. Shouldn't there be noise since this is supposed to be live, but I can't hear anything in the audio? The applause is also canned, something I usually hear in a studio.

I'm not an expert here, but I have my doubts. Poor girl.
SKY: [1] She could be lipsynching to her own recording. (Which means no one bothered to correct her in the studio.) [2] Background noise can be muffled considerably if she's using a directional microphone. [3] The audience was not very noisy during her number.

I believe the video is real for several reasons (of course, the bitchy use of "videoke lyrics" and comments like "you're good!" were just added afterwards). The reasons: [1] if you listen closely during the instrumental part, you actually hear the crowd in the background; [2] if you watch closely, she really IS the one singing, and she's actually pronouncing it as "twalay"; [3] my officemate's wife works in GMA-7, and he told us how, according to his wife, the production people were aghast at her performance but they couldn't cut her off because it was live.
So you have your data and you are the expert. I am convinced.

I have no kwangs anymore. Hehe.
SKY: Hindi naman po ako expert. I am merely convinced. :-)
ano ba, gma? first there was michael fajatin, now this. hahaha!
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