Friday, June 09, 2006


Tuesday I brought Orlando to the casa for his 80,000-km maintenance. He’s already five years old and for the past few months you can feel and hear his age. There are numerous creaks and his response has become more sluggish. So I hesitated for only about half a second when the guy at the casa told me that Orlando’s maintenance fee would reach… gasp… more than twenty kiyaw… double gasp! I just bit the bullet and mentally computed the number of tricks I have to get on weekends in Quezon Circle for me to pay for Orlando’s upkeep. Plus I had to leave him in the shop for two days; good thing I was able to use my brother’s car for the meantime.

This morning I picked up Orlando from the casa. The moment I pulled out of the place I knew Orlando was a changed car. I felt it the instant we hit the street. Gone were the creaks and the matagtag sound and feel. Plus the feel was a lot tighter yet smoother, like everything is well oiled. It didn’t exactly feel like driving Orlando the first time, but it came close. Suddenly all that money spent was justified!

So now Orlando feels sexier to drive. I’m so excited to go behind Orlando’s… ah… wheel and take him for a spin.

Sex and cars—what a classic combination.

what is "twenty kiyaw"? Im assuming 20,000 pesos. Is that a reasonable price for car repairs in Manila? Just wondering because my friend is moving there and he's thinking of getting a car so any information will help him. By the way, I enjoy reading your posts.
ERNESTO: Thanks for tuning in. And... bingo! "Kiyaw" is a variation of "thou" or "thousand", so 20 kiyaw is 20 thousand pesos. It is reasonable, I guess, for an 80,000-km maintenace on a 5-yr old SUV. I suppose it'll be a little cheaper if your vehicle is a sedan. But I'm not talking as a car repair expert, I'm just basing it on my limited experience of being in a family with three cars in our garage.

If your friend can afford a brand new car, he should go for it, even if it's a small and simple number. Repairs are such a hassle.
Thank you ORLANDO for taking me to... E. Rodriguez ave. Hihihihihi.
inang ko po. naaalala ko pa na ang "20 kiaw" eh makakabili na ng used car. karag-karag, pero umaandar kahit papano. tanda ko na. hehehehe
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