Saturday, June 24, 2006

Take A Pic

Playing with my new toy while I was sick.

Meet Daniel, Dream's current incarnation. He stands just beyond my bed, watching me when I sleep. Beside him is his sister Death, but she's still encased in plastic. I have no plans of unleashing her in my room.

The books I still have to finish reading. Usually I read two books; when one gets tedious or boring, I switch to the other and so forth until I finish both.

My weekly "bible". People have been telling me to subscribe, saying I'll end up spending less and I won't miss out on any issue. But there's a thrill and joy in finding an issue on the newstand and snapping it up before anyone else gets a hand on it.

Dinner with Leigh at Filos in The Fort. When dining at Filos, you MUST order the sinigang na ham. It's to die for! When I had my first taste, I forgot my name. It's that gooooood! It's better than sex, pramis. The grilled tuna belly is also good, while the gambas are flavourful, but Leigh and I wished it was spicier.

I like this picture I took of Leigh for some reason.

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