Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Rest Day

I rarely get sick, so when I do I really take time out to rest. What I also noticed is that I tend to recover faster than most. Part of me wishes that it is really some mutant power of mine, but the reality is I think more boring: I’m just lucky that way.

But for today I’m not so lucky. I’m at home coughing my throat out, or so it feels. I’ve had this cough last week, and I was on my way to drowning it with lots and lots of water, but last Saturday I got wet walking under the rain to my car. Liquid versus liquid, and I guess the rain won. By Monday I was coughing non-stop, and Tuesday I had a bit of fever going.

So today I’m taking it easy. I just need to rest this off. I have no excuse to be bored silly: there’s the computer, some books that are begging to be read, and DVDs that are still encased in plastic. But there’s also the bliss of just doing nothing.

It’s a rare luxury, not having to do anything. It’s a luxury because too little of it is frustrating, while too much is tedious. But when it comes, one must embrace it wholly. It’s as if the world decided to stop for you, but actually it’s you disengaging from the world.

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