Monday, June 26, 2006

Pop Quiz, Hotshots!

Quick, answer as honestly as possible: Who among you thought that the previous episode of The McVie Show entitled “The Making of Sam Hotdog” is a true story? And who among you thought that the said story was just a figment of my imagination?

Be honest with your answer, okay?

You're in the advertising sector so it must be true. However, since you have a vastly creative mind as well, the story below can be a fiction too.

Nonetheless, it was an absolutely good piece. If my teacher in graduate school would ask me to give an example of a well written story, I'd probably send yours. Hehe.
Here's a scenario. One day McVie was driving down (name of some street) after work when he noticed this ridiculous billboard promoting a new brand of hotdog. Instead of keeping his focus on the road his mind wandered off... he started thinking about how in the world was this ad conceived. After a long time, he had a story all set up, and he had himself convinced that his version of the story is much more exciting than what really happened. He then realized he missed his own house and had to do a U-turn. (This scenario is conceived in my head and I'm convinced that my version of how McVie made this story about an ad-agency meeting is far more exciting than what really happened)

One last thing, I could be completely wrong and that McVie's post is entirely true...I just wish I was there during the brain -storming activity so i can suggest other ways to effectively sell this new brand of hotdog.
PUNKS: You hedged! Hahaha.

ERNESTO: What a Moebius Strip way of thinking!

But you're right, the truth is a lot boring: I saw the billboard one night on myh way home. The next day when I reached the office I talked about it to my boss, who wondered out loud, "Whatvever possessed the RFM people to come up with that idea?" And that got me thinking throughout the day. It took me another day to compose the story in my head, plus I waited for a chance to take a picture of the billboard because I couldn't find any images online.

Originally Rafael Rossel and the Gutierrez twins were not in the roster of stars; I added them in as I was writing the story. I also started writing with no specific ending in mind.

An idle mind may be the devil's playground, but an overactive imagination is Satan's personal playpen.
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