Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My Current Eye Candy

His name is Dominic Lau, and he’s a VJ for Channel V. He’s the product of a British mum and a Chinese pa. In a word: delicious!

The RFM guys should have named their new hotdog after him instead!

British mom and Chinese dad..... same league as Keanu Reeves.... such an attractive genetic combination..
..yummy... : )
Hhmmmn, so how would The Chairman envision this Dominic hotdog to be? Let's see now.. Chinese hotdogs (sausages really but they're the closest thing) are smaller (6 inches), thinner, and tastes sweet-salty.
And English ones get their distinctive flavor from thyme, sage and breadcrumbs..
Cute nga siya.

Guapo version of Romnick Sarmenta. :)
FRIED-NEURONS: KOREK KA JAN! Ka-fez nga ni Romnick, pero mas guapo version! I was going to mention that but decided not to, dahil I think a lot of the young 'uns may not know him anymore.
Kelan naging gwapo si Romnick Sarmenta????

Gwapo tong Dominic Lau ha. :D
PHILLIP: Hoy, birthday boy!

Naging guwapo si Romnick: [1] nung tumanda na't naging tatay; [2] nung nakita ko siya up close and personal... medyo naganda pala ang katawan ng pootah, ha!

Pero siyempre, Dominic pa rin! (Lau, hindi Ochoa!)
Hahaha. I think I agree with Phillip. Notice that in my original comment I said "guapo version", not "mas guapo version". Magkamukha sila pero this one is cute and Romnick Gulong Ng Palad That's Entertainment Sarmenta is not. tee hee
Anyone know of any live events where I can catch vj dom? my girlfriends all say that he's waaaaaay hotter in person! i for one would like to see for myself!!!!!
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