Tuesday, June 27, 2006

For The Record

Just to set the record straight, even though I’m not: in The McVie Show episode entitled “The Making of Sam Hotdog”, the billboard and the product are real (although I’ve yet to see the hotdogs). Everything else is pure fiction. For the record, I do not know anyone from RFM. I have never set foot in their boardroom. I have no idea who their chairman, marketing manager, brand manager, assistant manager, and R&D head are. I also do not personally know anyone named Minerva.

I am issuing this clarification after a day of being asked by people here in the office and on-line, “Really, is this real? Is that what really happened? How did you manage to get the inside scoop?”

Klaro? Klaro. ☺

It just shows how gullible some people are.

NOEL: Oh, don't be too hard on them. Maybe they're just lazy to think things through. :-)
Wow! Showbiz intriga! Sundan mo na rin ng ..."friends lang kami ni Sam." :D :D
Goooddd..why can't they write stuff like That for tv? The Sam entry would make one hell of a sitcom. Clever, subtle, and hilarious
JEDD: "Goooddd..why can't they write stuff like That for tv?"

Answer: Because it is clever and subtle. Most Pinoys still have a hard time distinguishing sarcasm and irony, especially if done with a straight face. I work in an ad agency, my officemates are suppose to be a little sharper and more exposed than most, and yet a lot of them still thought my entry was non-fiction.
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