Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Sometimes life is all about timing. For instance, this afternoon I entered the 7-11 at our building and there was no one standing in line at the cashier. There were about four people going through the aisles and about five guys already eating at their “dining area.” So I leisurely get my Coke Lights and even stopped to buy some coffee in cans for me to try later. I then walked calmly to the cashier where there were already two women in front of me. I patiently wait my turn, paid for my purchases, turned to leave then got a shock of my life. There were already nine people behind me, with several more still getting their stuff. Where the hell did they all come from?

Then for instance you meet someone and you hit it off really well. Not only are you attracted to one another physically, but the more you get to know him the more you realize you two have the same wavelength. What’s more, his family and friends all like you. And the clincher is this: even his boyfriend likes you. (Insert loud “ka-chunk!” sound effect here.) Had he met you first instead of his boyfriend, things would be different today.

Ah, timing. So you can just bide and while away your time. Or you can smile, move on and not waste your—and his—time.

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