Thursday, May 04, 2006

Sex Is Cheaper Than Smoking

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine asked me to initiate him to the ways of the F. Of course Ms. Hostess Me obliged. We went there one weekday evening.

When we arrived I let them process my friend’s membership first. While he was filling out the form, I took out a five hundred-peso bill to pay for my 190 pesos entrance fee. The attendant returned the bill to me, saying, “Sir, twenty pesos.” At first I thought I misheard him, so I asked, “What? Five hundred twenty?” (I assumed they added my friend’s membership and entrance fees to my bill.) But to my surprise he answered, “Hindi sir, twenty lang po.” Apparently they have this promo: if you refer a new member to F, your entrance fee is only twenty bucks. Twenty bucks! A box of Marlboros costs more. Talk about getting more bang for your buck. Literally.

So. Anyone interested in becoming a member of F?

What is "F" Joel? and what are the benefits of joining F (aside from you being entitled to P20 entrance).

C - for Curious. =)

So ikaw pala ang itetext ko once I decided to have a debut at F. Hehe.
Me! Me! ME! Gusto ko mag member! Hihihihihi.
tara phillip samahan kita free ako bukas hahahahaaha

RANDY: Not reading ka eh.

PHILLIP: Say when.

XP: Hoy! Gusto mong maka-beinte pesos lang, ha! Hahaha.
nyaaaa..... e ano nga ang "F"? is it a bar? a bath house? a health club?, a dance club?, a massage parlor?, a gay bar? a cancelled show of Angel Aquino?

ayala alabang ka lang? i thought marikina :)

f's the one in e. rod right?
TENCHU: Si Phillip ang taga Republic of Ayala Alabang. Ako ang from the City In The Pink of Health and Land of The Imeldific Shoes-eses.

Yes, F's the one in E. Rod.
hahahaha sayang din yung bente pesos. Free ako ng thursday and friday nights.



Bakit ang daming cutie sa south?
XP: I've been asking myself that question about the guys in South. Must be the water. Must be because we all like to go south of the navel.
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