Monday, May 22, 2006

The Outing, Part 2

Upon arrival at La Luz, things got better. We were just in time for lunch. People also checked out the accommodations—not bad, actually.

The beach is rocky more than sandy. And thanks to the recent typhoon, the waters were murkier than usual. But people were determined to enjoy what’s left of the day.

Nightfall and the people partied hard—as in, hard liquor. I had more brandy, Red Label, Kahlua, champagne, Chivas and tequila. I was cabana and table hopping too, playing in an “I have never ________” game, then participating in a discussion on ex-lovers, then joining a “name as many Hollywood movies with a person’s proper name in the title” game, then contributing to a discussion on “what is considered infidelity?” then repeating the whole thing again. And all the while I was trying to take night shots as well.

While listening to a group discuss to death the recent break-up between an officemate and her unfaithful ex, I fell asleep in an adjacent cabana. When I woke up, I was all alone. Damn.

By morning the sun was blazing, the sky was blue, the waters clear and calm. It was perfect for some sunbathing and a short, cool dip. Perfect!

One of our writers brought along her doll, and was taking pictures of her posing all over the beach.

On the way home the bus was much, much better—bigger, cooler and with a VCD player that showed the kung-fu movie “So Close.” But the traffic in Lipa and Calamba was baaad. So we made a short, unexpected stop-over.

Filipinos really love to play with names of establishments.

All in all, it was my first company outing in three years. It’s really fun, you know, this “outing” thing with your officemates. Really liberating.

Good to know that you had fun. For some strange reason, I was expecting a little more naughty in this entry - but maybe this is just me longing for something exciting to read. :-)
pareho pala tayong nagbakasyon hehe :)
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