Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Outing, Part 1

La Luz

We were on our way to La Luz Resort in Batangas. When we saw the bus, most of us were disappointed. It was an old one, the aircondition was spotty, there were no baggage compartments above the seats, and from Buendia til the Petron station along South Superhighway the driver was talking to some chick on his cellphone. The moment we made a stop-over our president instructed a change of buses. So we made a detour at the bus depot in Sta. Rosa where we switched buses.

La Lost

The second bus was bigger, the seats more comfortable. Plus there was a baggage area, so our legs weren’t cramped anymore. But the aircon took a very long time to cool, and even then its coolest was nowhere near the cool air of the first bus. Worse, the driver had no idea how to get to La Luz. The first driver gave him instructions but either he forgot them or the first driver was getting back at us. Instead of passing thru Lipa City we ended up in Batangas City. Worse, the bus broke down.

La Sloshed

We ended up renting three jeepneys to take us to La Luz. I decided to be a gentleman and let most of the ladies go ahead, so I ended up on the third jeepney with all boys except one girl (she wanted to ride with her boyfriend so she stayed behind). The driver was a pedal-to-the-floor speed devil. At first we were laughing at our misfortune, tossing jokes around like, “Sino ba ang may balat sa puwet dito, ha?!” Suddenly we heard this loud bang followed by a continuous clanking sound, like rubber rhythmically hitting metal. The driver stopped, looked under his vehicle, declared nothing seemed out of place, then proceeded to hit top speed again. Then the clanking sound came back, this time louder. So we stopped at a gas station and checked the rear left tire.

Sure enough, there was a huge gash.

Funny we should end up at a gas station named Saddam.

By this time it wasn’t funny anymore. But what could we do? Solution: drink brandy.

By the time we got to La Luz I had five shots of Gran Matador brandy on an empty stomach.

What a way to start a vacation.

Haggardness itu!
tsk tsk prince pala ang kinuha nyo.
OSCAR! Buhay ka pa! How come you've been silent in your blog?
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