Tuesday, May 23, 2006

O, Ano? Gusto Mo?

To bioman and dmbp5237, I’ve already sent you a copy of “O, Ano?” by DJ House.

Now is anybody willing to advise me how I can upload the song so that people can just download it from there instead of the long email way?

http://www.pamilyako.net there is a musicbox where you can upload your mp3s!
i'd like to hear it too! can you post it at http://www.pamilyako.net. Thanks.
Dear Anonymous: Can you at least post your identity so that I know who's asking? You can email me directly if you don't want to be revealed here. Or leave a message for me in www.pamilyako.net where I've already posted "O Ano?" in the musicbox. Under "McVie" of course. :-)
you can upload it here. but for seven days only.. http://www.yousendit.com/

can you send it to me


mcvie can you please send the O ANO? also? numarkdj_skeld@yahoo.com
can you send o ano by dj house sa dmist24@gmail.com ... ive been looking for it for months na pero no avail.. thanks
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