Friday, May 26, 2006

Mutant Movie

I just saw X-Men: The Last Stand at Greenbelt. Since most people haven’t seen it yet, I will only say this much:

[1] I like the fact that anyone killed stayed dead for the rest of the movie, or at least didn’t come back to life and helped save our heroes during the climactic battle.

[2] Having said that: ang corny ng pagkapatay ni ___________! At ni ___________! At ni… ehehehe, I’ll stop there na lang.

[3] I missed Nightcrawler. Was Alan Cummings too busy?

Yun na muna. Watch na kayo, and let the discussions begin.

* * * * *

Oh, and one more thing: DO NOT leave when the end credits start rolling. There’s an additional scene tucked in at the end. It explains how… well, I’ll just let you see it for yourself.

The guy with wings.... so HOT.
Angel is sizzling hot. Ngyarap! Kanin na lang ang kulang--may hot wings meal ka na.
oh FUCK. I didn't wait for the end credits. Anong nanyari??? :(
PHILLIP: After the credits, they show a scene wherein Bobby (Iceman) enters Rogue's room, only to find Angel there, half-naked and with wings spread wide open. They look at each other wordlessly. Then they approach each other and they kiss. Torrid evur.
tapos the camera pans to the left an a flurry of feathers smothers the camera as the film fades to white.

very artfully done, in my opinion
that was me, sorry.

No waaaaaaaay. That was MY fantasy. Stop watching porn McVie. Hmph!
oy hindi nga! naloka ako dun sa torrid scene nina angel at iceman! parang hayok na hayok si bobby hahahha
NELZ: Hindi ba sarap na sarap si Bobby makipaglampungan kay Angel?! Feeling ko mag-jowa yung actors off-cam!
alright... I'm watching it AGAIN! Hehe
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