Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Money Stinks?

Our company’s salaries are handled by International Exchange Bank or iBank. I really have no problem with iBank’s automated teller machine services—the ATMs are almost always on-line, they dispense fairly crisp, new bills (I hate old, worn-out bills) and most branches are fairly well lit and secure. My major beef with iBank is its scarcity of branches and—worse—of ones with ATMs. Lucky for me there are at least three branches along the way from the office to my house. The least out-of-the-way, ergo most convenient, branch is along C-5 in Libis, just after Eastwood.

Within the past two months I’ve made four transactions there to date, and all of them have been hassle-free. But, but, but! There’s just one thing terribly wrong with that branch’s ATM booth. It stinks. In Filipino: amoy putok. May B.O.—booth odor. Amoy Talagang Mabaho. Pakshet da puwet. It’s as if the daytime guard, who’s been under the summer sun the whole day and has not bothered taking a bath for three straight days, just decided to crawl under the ATM and die. And mind you, the stench was there all four times I’ve been there.

What gives? Do they not know the concept of air freshener? Are their exhaust fans exhausted? Does money really stink? Do they want to remind us that the money we’re withdrawing was earned through blood, tears and lots of sweat? Is that the scent of greed? The next time I’m going to withdraw there I’m bringing a can of Lysol, another can of Glade (citrus scent), and some incense sticks. If they don’t work, I’ll just bring a gas mask instead.

I hate iBank's connection with other banks. Laging Line to switch is down, di tuloy ako makapag withdraw using Bancnet or Megalink. Halos lahat pa ng call centers yun ang bank so expect mo na mahaba ang pila kapag payday.

better bring this case to unionbank. they're trying to absorb ibank. not a merger, it's an acquisition. unionbank doesn't have many branches but their treasury and funding stand very good. i don't know if this will enlighten you though.
XP: That's why when it comes to my iBank account, I only withdraw at either iBank itself or at BPI (which is also connected to iBank via Expresslink, I think). The BPI-iBank link is fairly stable; I've yet to experience a "no-connection" between both systems. Then again, I've always liked BPI above all banks. But that's cuz my mom used to work there, hehehe.
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