Friday, May 05, 2006

I Took A Wrong Turn And I Just Kept Goin’

Six years of being away from Makati can really fuck up my driver’s compass. Tonight as I was trying to work my way towards Walter-Mart along Pasay Road, I took a wrong turn and I just kept going—straight into the Skyway (entering that one-way highway my mental iPod started blaring that phrase from Bruce Springsteen’s “Hungry Heart” again and again). But what choice did I have except make a turn at the nearest exit which was in Bicutan. So instead of Walter-Mart I ended up in SM City Bicutan. Ganda ko.

I decided to walk around and have dinner there. One SM is like any other SM, with the exception of SM Baguio. I felt immediately at home in the place. After a quick dinner at Kitaro (fast becoming my cheap-but-tastes-okay Japanese resto of choice) I drove back to Makati.

By that time Walter-Mart was already closed so I decided to go to Greenbelt 2&3. While I was walking around looking for a place that has wi-fi, a mestizo-looking couple passed by me and I overheard the woman tell her husband, “Donde quieres?” Whoa. Aba, ikaw lang ba may kaya niyan? I heard me say that to myself while addressing her. Kaya ko rin yan! Yo no soy marinero, soy kapitan, soy kapitan!

Two different malls, two different crowds; yet I felt comfortable roaming around both. And for some inexplicable reason I feel the need to bridge the two in some way. How? I have no idea.

For now, the next time I hear someone go, “Donde quieres?” I’ll stop, turn to face the one asking and say, in my best kastilaloy accent: “Muchachos!” (sabay clap ng hands) “Pitla ka todits! Muy bien, tambien—y tu!”

Ang galing mo palang kumanta ng La Bamba!
Sing ka nalang ng...

¿Como te gusta mi pinga?

Malayo layo rin ang narating mo ah!
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