Monday, May 15, 2006

Game KNB? 2

The McVie Show presents its newest game show segment: Catch McVie in Bed! Yes folks, to date I’ve been told by at least four viewers of The McVie Show that they’ve spotted me in Bed. Gosh, am I that notorious? Am I a Bed fixture already? Is my face overexposed here in the show? Am I making a molehill out of a mound?

Next time you spot me there, please, please, please introduce yourself. I’m not good at recognizing people live when I’ve only seen them previously on internet pics. Plus my memory is not as good as it was before—I suspect there’s just too much information (most of them useless trivia) overcrowding it. And, believe it or not but this is really true, I am actually a shy person. I just learned to be more sociably adept, but my real default mode is “shy and unassuming.”

(If there are shouts of dissent, they’re from people who really don’t know me that well.)

So stop and say “hi.” Don’t worry, I don’t bite. And you’ll be treated to a spectacle of me making a fool of myself by trying to figure out where I’ve seen you before. Pramis.

naisip ko lang. naisip mo ba kasing bading at patpatin ko si maximo oliveros when u learned that I'm tenchu? :)
Actually no. You're not patpatin, nor do you swish like Maximo. At least, that's what I saw during the limited time I was "exposed" to you. :-)
haha! no, i meant yung impression mo while reading my blog, before we met. :D

I was there nung Saturday. Where you also there?

And are you also a Kapamilya?
Oh my God!

You ARE a kapamilya. I checked you old blogs and saw your email address.

Are you still working there?
[1] Reading your blog, I did not get the impression that the writer was a patpatin, swishy effem. In my mind's eye I saw as slightly smaller, average-built guy who can easily pass for straight. My impression is that you're a quiet, unassuming guy. The reality looks a lot better than my mental picture, actually. Hahahaha.

[2] I WAS a Kapamilya for six years until March of this year. I moved back to advertising and am now working in Makati. The picture shows me by the elevator outside our office.

It's okay, you can lambast or be critical about ABS and its shows. I was even when I was working there, hehehe. Just don't blog it though, hahaha!
Oh yeah, I was also there last Saturday. Failed to see you, though. Besides, I may have a problem recognizing you kaagad, dahil when we first met I was a little weng-weng na then, HAHAHA. Sheesh. Alcoholic na yata ako, hehehe.
Ugh...! I miss beer.
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