Saturday, May 27, 2006


Yes, Nelz and Norm, I’m attending.

yehey!!!! o ayan magdudugo mga ilong natin kakaingles wehehehe!

can't wait to see you all! ;-)
Hi Joel,

Well Nelz discovered your blog entry before me, but as a some-what-faithful reader of your blog I am surprised he saw it first. Have I mentioned that you make me laugh? ;-)

I am glad you are coming to our party. It should be a lot of fun, and finally we get to meet... there is no way Nelz can hide me away this time... hahahahha

Hey, I hear that you DJ or maybe it is that you mix music... any interest in making us some music for after the dinner when the party really starts? Its all good if you are not into it.

You should ask Nelz what colour dress he is wearing... certainly it cannot be pure white. He is thinking of sequins, what do you think? ;-)

Okay, enough teasing, he is off to his Saturday morning french class and not here to defend himself.

See you next month.

congrats nelz and norman!

NELZ: I'll try not to bleed all over your purple-and-pink taffeta terno, with matching black fishnet for a more 80s feel. (Aminin, dream wedding outfit mo yon!)

NORMAN: I'm glad you find my blog amusing. :-)

Thanks for considering me as your DJ, but I noticed I never enjoy any party when I do DJ duties. What I can do though is just plug my iPod and let it play. Maybe you and Nelz have particular songs you want played--Duran Duran, perhaps? Just let me know, and I can create a playlist for the event. (I just hope you guys aren't into obscure, indie French-Canadian techno-jazz artists these days. I have none of those songs.)
I find your blog very amusing ;-)

And that sounds great about plugging in your iPod. I will chat with Nelz about what sort of music. I will get him to email me you with more details, and we will especially attempt to find some very obscure northern-canadian techno eskimo throat singing ;-) I am sure you have lots of that.

Maybe we might bring some tunes on our mp3 players or burn some stuff onto a cd. But thanks for helping with this.

"Obscure northern-canadian techno eskimo throat singing"?! I love it already, and I haven't even heard it yet!
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