Monday, April 03, 2006

This Building Is Guarded And Alarmed!

RCBC Plaza is one of the busiest buildings in Makati. It houses a museum, a theater, the UN offices, several embassies, food courts on the 3rd and 4th floors, the Fitness First Plus gym, and a gazillion offices spread out over twin towers rising more than 29 stories tall. Because of this it is heavily guarded, and they take their safety and security measures seriously.

Last Friday we had a fire drill scheduled at 3pm. A fire drill for that kind of building takes around 2 hours to complete. It’s a major hassle so most tenants have devised ways of being out of the building when it happens. But at 10am as I was dressing up after working out at the gym, I heard fire sirens outside. “They must have pushed it earlier so as to keep the building fire marshals on their toes,” I thought to myself.

By lunch time we were allowed back into our office. Only then did we find out that there was a real fire in basement 7 that morning. But thanks to the scheduled drill, people were very calm as they went down the building, oblivious to a real danger down below.

By noontime they announced via email that they were canceling the scheduled fire drill that afternoon.

As Leigh put it: We’re the only building that cancelled its fire drill because of a fire!

nakakaaliw na kwento.

maitsismis nga. and ms. leigh, sa isang building? galing. I should try Fitness First RCBC then...and let's have coffee, cake, conversation...and all other letter C's you can think of Joel. =)

EON: Until now they still haven't released an official investigation report on the fire. Unconfirmed reports say it was a small fire, but the actual cause is still unknown.

RANDY: (1) Leigh doesn't go to the gym. To her, taking care of her 1-year old is exercise enough. (2) A few blocks away from RCBC Plaza is where Glenn/Glenda works. I doubt, though, if he'll want to take all the trouble to go here. (3) A "C" that I'm thinking of is "cancel". Hwek, hwek, hwek.
C for Come-on! C-ant we C-hat?
C-harge it to me. C-ash or C-redit C-ard.. C-all Glen...churely we can converse...chee-you choon!

C is for crazy.
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