Friday, April 28, 2006


A month into my new workplace and I’m feeling a whole lot better than a few weeks before. My adjustment has been pretty okay. It’s good that I am seen as a funny guy—humor is a great shield. However, I’m sure that the people here are also giving me a lot of leeway since I’m relatively new. In fact, I wouldn’t mind it if I get into trouble at work already—no one has a perfect track record—so that I can get that over with. Hahaha, talk about wishing the other shoe to drop already. Okay, okay, I’ll be more optimistic and positive.

* * * * *

My mom and aunt left yesterday for Bohol. They’ll be there until May 17. So now it’s just me, my younger sister and brother who are at home. Unfortunately I cannot just invite people over for an orgy, as tempting as it sounds. Okay, so maybe not an orgy—it’ll just be hand-jobs. Etching. And my brother always stays up late watching cable shows, so I can’t just bring out my Almodovar films (pa-cultured daw, o! hahaha!) and those Bel-Ami videos I borrowed (nagmalinis daw, o! hahaha!) and watch to my heart’s—and groin’s—content.

So why haven’t I moved out of the house? Simple economics. Why spend for rent and utilities when I can have them for free? Mwhahahaha. Actually, my mom is the type who will not kick her children out of the house if they don’t want—or they have no reason—to leave. In fact her thinking is, the more people in the house, the better. She likes having a lively, busy house. She doesn’t like to see her house empty during the day for security reasons; for her, an occupied house is a deterrent against robbers.

Still, with my mom away, I can just disappear any time to anywhere I want to with anyone or just with myself. And with the long weekend staring at me, I’m sorely tempted to just disappear off the face of this earth and go to… heaven.


Hahaha. Bel Ami... dami ko niyan. Asawa ko si Lucas at si Sebastian. :)
the question that i have is whether heaven is next to bed?
Ang sweet kagabi. Nilanggam ako senyong dalawa ah! :P
PUNKS: Ayokong nilalanggam, laos yun (literally). Gusto ko, pinuputakti. Hehehe!
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