Tuesday, April 25, 2006

PBB Teen Edition

Okay, so I’m not really a big fan of Pinoy Big Brother even while I was still working for the network. I admit I’d follow what’s happening from time to time, especially when it is about my favorite housemates (usually the cute guys, like Sam or Zanjoe). But for me it’s okay to miss an episode or two or five.

However, have you seen the current housemates in PBB Teen Edition? My gulay! The caster must have been someone from the Bel Ami Boys studio! Twinks evuuur! Except for this curly-haired FilAm guy who looks like Boy2 Quizon (first cousin of Vandolph, I think), I heart all the houseboys! What’s funny, there’s this guy who’s the comedian of the group—and he looks and acts like Vandolph! Put him and curly FilAm guy beside one another, and you have PBB “Home Along Da Riles” Edition.

Right now I heart the nerdy mathematician from Ateneo, the valedictorian-slash-cook with the killer dimples (they’re deeper than the Marianas Trench), and the cadet officer from San Agustin who I think is the only one among the boys who works out.

I also love the new interior design of the house.

Unfortunately I don’t have pictures yet of the cute boys of PBB Teen Edition (dedma na sa housegirls, care ko sa kanila). Will a mariposa alight on one of them, giving him an impetus to come out? Watch PBB Teen Edition and find out!

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