Sunday, April 23, 2006

Of Balls And Crispers

Sometimes life throws you curved balls; the only thing you can do is try to fondle them. Same goes with curved dicks.

Last week work was hell for me. I was so looking forward to busting out Friday evening just to let off some steam. Unfortunately Thursday evening I only slept 4 hours, and by Friday 8:30pm we were still finishing up work. So I ended up going home instead to sleep.

Upon waking up Saturday morning I said to myself, “Tonight I’m gonna party like it’s 1999.” (How very Prince; how very dated.) And I had the whole day planned: go buy rice cooker (don’t ask), recording at 1pm (still work-related), gym, and then go to Starbucks in Greenbelt so I can go on-line. Then dinner and maybe watch a movie.

After the gym that’s when my plans were derailed. Still, it was a happy kind of derailment. Hmmm, maybe giddy even. No, I didn’t get to fondle anything curved, but that’s fine.

Hooray for curved balls, chance encounters and chicken crispers at Chili’s.

* * * * *

Speaking of Chili’s Greenbelt 1—I used to frequent that place when I was Makati-based before. My all-time favorite was chicken crispers.

When I started working in Quezon City the Chili’s branch along Tomas Morato became my go-to place for chicken crispers. I rarely visited the Greenbelt branch anymore.

Cut to six years later. Last week I decided to have dinner at the Greenbelt branch. The waitress ushering me to my seat said, “Your server will be __________” and pointed to the male waiter who came up beside her. The guy was a little older than the other waiters in the place; in fact, his face was vaguely familiar in an I’m-not-sure-but-maybe-I-saw-him-here-before-but-never-really-noticed kind of way. He then said, “Ay, si sir, chicken crispers ang order niyan!”


Phillip’s theory is that the waiter has a crush on me; I think he has a crush on my tip. Leigh says I’m that memorable. Duh. It’s not me, it’s my predictability.

Then last night I again had dinner at Chili’s. Another waiter, this time younger and whose face isn’t familiar to me at all, said to me upon entering, “Welcome back, sir!” and smiled like he knew me before. I had to do a double take and forcibly plaster a smile on my face before replying, “Thanks.”

What’s with these waiters at this particular Chili’s branch, huh? Hmmm. Maybe instead of Bed I should just spend Saturday evenings at Chili’s Greenbelt!

(Then again, they don’t want me, they just want my money. Sigh.)

Did the younger waiter wink at you? Maybe he saw you in F? Hihihihi.
Errr... no wink. Maybe there was a leer, but I didn't notice it. Or maybe I just wish there was a leer or smirk.

Ehehehe. :-)
Shet! Cxn crispers---miss ko 'yan! I rarely go to Chili's here, kasi my boyfriend is a recluse and rarely takes me out (with an xbox 360, an xbox, a Playstation, a Nintendo DS, 2 PSPs, and an emulator of all the old arcade games with a customized board that has the original controls, plus a terrabyte of shows and movies ripped from the internet & stored among 3 CPUs, I don't really complain!). I'd go for the Cxn crispers kung may malapit sa office ko, but sadly all that's near is a TGIF about 4 office blocks away---too far to walk in the heat of summer, too far to trudge through the snow in winter, so I only have their mozarella sticks in the spring and early autumn!


P.S. about the rockwell vs. rockville, merong city dito named rockville, so konfoosed ako ;-)
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