Thursday, April 27, 2006

No Guesses?

O sha, eto na ang sagot sa Guess The Theme.

But first I have to say that one cannot really get the theme from just the titles and the names of the artists alone. One must hear the songs mentioned.

So anyway, the theme is Originals and the Songs Which Sampled Them. Thus, “Hung Up” sampled ABBA’s song, while in reverse, Madonna’s “Material Girl” was sampled by Tamperer. Destiny Child’s “Bootylicious” guitar intro was sampled from Stevie Nick’s song, while The Pussycat Doll’s latest samples repeatedly a snatch from ELO’s “Evil Woman.” And the Atomic Kittens sampled a portion of the chorus of ELO’s “Last Train To London.” And the chorus of Blur’s “Girls and Boys” was sampled in Piano Man’s “Blurred”.

Best if you download the songs you don’t know and listen to them side by side with the originals. Nakakatuwa.

Yeah I sort of suspected that when I saw Hung Up, then Gimme3x. I didn't make the connection with Bootylicious and Edge of Seventeen until I realized I heard that Stevie Nicks song before {from "School of Rock"]. ;-) La lang....
Hehehe. But really, one just has to hear the songs at walang kaduda-duda ang connection.
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