Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Hooking Up

Why do we hook up with a partner? What’s the impetus behind this need?

I can understand why man and woman would hook up for procreation, for extending the family line, for economic security, for survival of the race. That’s simple biology and economy. You can also add the romance part for the Mills and Boon crowd; for the more jaded, replace romance with companionship.

But what about us gays? Take out the procreation part and you’re left with economics and romance. Given that gay marriage isn’t allowed here in the Philippines, the only economic gain you get from partnering is the hope that there’s someone willing to help you out during times of financial need—that is, if you two are on good terms. As for romance, well, it fades over time.

So you’re left with companionship. Of course, companionship with a fellow human being is infinitely more complex than with a pet, so I suppose there’s value to that. For those who are blessed with singleness, there’s always family and friends. So I guess the really miserable ones are single people with family problems and a severe lack of close friends. Maybe they’re the ones who end up as stalkers and obscene phone callers. Or they become paparazzi.

Or perhaps they just blog their life away, pretending they have a show online.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to skin some kittens alive.

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