Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Holy Weak In The Knees

Every year more and more establishments remain open during Holy Week. I remember when I was a kid I hated Holy Week because we couldn’t play nor raise our voices. Nothing was on TV. And the only establishments open during Holy Week were churches. While Jesus suffered on the cross we suffered boredom at home. When Jesus died, so did the whole metropolis.

Good thing times have changed. Yesterday I received an advisory from F via SMS announcing that they’re open the whole of Holy Week. Or maybe they should call it Unholy Week. How about Hole-y Week? (Okay, that’s enough.) Of course this raises such phrases as “making like bunnies,” “kneel down and bow your head” and “egg hunts” to a whole new level of cliché.

It’s our bisita-iglesia. It’s our stations of the cross.

But... aren't you supposed to abstain from meat? tee hee
Fasting and abstinence? I stopped that since I was in college. I'm a certified meat-lover!
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